Ice Cold Productions is a new and upcoming production network that is currently producing one show, Sims Next Top Model, which is airing on Youtube.

Sims Next Top ModelEdit

Sims Next Top Model, or SNTM, by Ice Cold Productions is a show hosted by Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, and Portia Lirni. It is a modelling show inspired by the Top Model shows all around the world.

Series overviewEdit

Cycle Winner Runner/s-Up Contestants Season Run International Destination

Eliminated (in order of elimination): Caitlyn Blake, Aylen Melilan,
Minnie Ward, Ruzena Cselav, Kirby Reed, and Raschel Franko

Still In the running: Angiee Thompson, Bea Kaligayahan,
Bulan Rossi, Fawn Jean, Jessica Longstale, Kenna Haylers,
Maladee Chankul, Marissa DeVue, Paris Kouko, and Suki Tokugawa

August 19, 2016 - present TBA

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