Sims' Next Top Model - Cycle 1, or SNTM Cycle 1, sometimes referred to as Sims 3 Next Top Model Cycle 1, is the first ever cycle by Ice Cold Productions. It is a filmed cycle currently airing on Youtube. It is hosted by Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, and Portia Lirni. It opened applications on May 24, 2016, and announced its 20 semifinalists on July 1, later that year. The show premiered in Miami, Florida on August 19, 2016. The judging panel consisted of fashion photographer Miguel Atoma, model Alenna Olpey, and high fashion icon Portia Lirni. It will feature one guest judge in panel every week. The scoring system determined a girl's performance for a certain week, consisting of the judges combined score and the challenge score until Episode 3, where it was discontinued.

Prizes Edit

The prizes for the first season which will be given to the winner are:

  • A cover and spread on VOGUE Italia and VOGUE Paris
  • Five International Neutrogena Ads
  • A billboard ad and commercial for Maybelline New York
  • Covers and spreads on Harper's Bazaar America and Korea
  • $200,000
  • A modelling contract with RED Models Management

Judges Edit

Main Edit

The judging panel consists of three resident judges. Miguel Atoma serves as the head of the judging panel. He is also a photographer, executive producer, and the creative director of the show. Supermodel Alenna Olpey also takes on the judging role, along with high fashion icon Portia Lirni. While it is noted that all three of the aforementioned people serve as main judges and hosts of the show, Miguel still serves a greater influence to the final decision than the latter two.

Guests Edit

in addition to the three resident judges, a guest judge also voices an opinion each week.

  • In Episode 2, OWA creator Joshua Comelio served as the guest judge.
  • In Episode 3, Platinum Models manager and supermodel Tia Kipps judged alongside the three resident judges.
  • In Episode 4, supermodel Jane Tillman joined the judging panel as a guest judge.
  • In Episode 5, SNTM host and supermodel Nguyễn Yến Nhi deliberated with the judges.
  • In Episode 6, Maybelline New York Representative Alexandra Ward supervised the shoot and joined the judging panel as a guest judge.

Contestants Edit

Name Age Hometown Outcome Rank
Angiee Thompson 18 London, UK Participating
Aylen Melilan 20 Pierre, South Dakota Participating
Bea Kaligayahan 17 Manila, Philippines Participating
Bulan Rossi 18 Cebu, Philippines Participating
Jessica Longstale 22 Palermo, Italy Participating
Kenna Haylers 22 Paris, France Participating
Marissa DeVue 20 Aspen, Colorado Participating
Paris Kouko1 18 Ouara, Chad Participating
Ruzena Cselav 19 Prague, Czech Republic Participating
Suki Tokugawa 19 Noda, Japan Participating
Fawn Jean2 18 Montreal, Quebec Eliminated in Episode 6 11th
Maladee Chankul2 18 Chiang Mai, Thailand 12th
Kirby Reed 20 Auckland, New Zealand Eliminated in Episode 5 13th/14th
Raschel Franko2 21 Los Angeles, California
Minnie Ward 16 Toronto, Ontario Eliminated in Episode 3 15th
Caitlyn "Caity" Blake 21 Los Angeles, California Eliminated in Episode 2 16th

1Paris' real last name is Koujhokousik.

2Raschel, Fawn, and Maladee are all stars. Raschel previously competed in the Revamped cycle of BrushYourCats, coming in 2nd/3rd, Maladee in the second cycle of OWA where she placed 6th, and Fawn in GlamSIMorous' second cancelled cycle.

Twists Edit

This cycle had a few twists to keep it distinct from other shows. They are:

  • Fan Favorite - The social media vote every week for their favorite photo. The girl that has the most votes for her photo wins this title, and a plus 1 point in her score in the finale, should she get in it.
  • Elimination Sedcard - Every week, the eliminated girl/s are given a chance to be saved from elimination by participating in a sedcard shoot. The judges, however, not only judge on this shoot, but on her overall potential. The judges have only one save to use. This was used in Episode 3 when Bulan received the lowest score.
  • Comeback - Three previously eliminated girls were given the chance to return to the competition, where they were tested in a photoshoot, their ability to answer, and their walk.

There was also another twist, the team twist, but that was disregarded and in the hopes of being forgotten by the public.

Special Rewards Edit

First Callout Edit

Every time a girl receives best photo, she gets either immunity, a special prize, an advantage in the challenge, or an advantage in the photoshoot the following week.

Week Receipient Reward/Advantage Notes


1 2 Angiee Immunity

Angiee received the lowest
score in Week 2, and was supposed
to be eliminated but was saved
because of her immunity.

2 3 Fawn Photoshoot

All the other girls received deducted time
due to their tardiness at the shoot,
but Fawn did not get affected by the time
deduction. She was called 10th at panel.

3 4 Angiee Challenge

While all the other girls had to advertise
men's products, Angiee only needed to
advertise foundation. She did not win the

4 5 Bulan Special Prize

In their New York house, Bulan got to
stay in her own suite with free clothes,
a large bed, and a flat screen television.
The room was not shown in the episode.

5 6 Bea Special Prize

Bea got to fly first class on the airplane
flight to Indonesia.

6 7 Marissa & Suki TBA TBA

Episode Summary Edit

The Top Twenty Edit

Air date: August 19, 2016

The episode opened with semifinalist Sue Oxford finding fellow contestant Minnie Ward crying in the living room because she was alone. They sat together as the other semis arrived.

Angiee Thompson was called upstairs for an interview, and she was asked to do a runway walk. She was noted for giving very little information about herself. The other contestants soon followed afterward, being called upstairs one-by-one.

After the interviews, the girls were instructed to reserve their beds right away. Notable girls were: Abunalee and Kenna who kept backstabbing the other semis, and Sue and Minnie for staying intact all throughout the day. Maladee enters the room and finds out there are no more beds for her and seven other girls, who consisted of Paris, Ruzena, Marissa, and others. Paris suggested to look for sleeping bags, as Caity checked one of the rooms. There she found a more organized blue room with eight beds.

In the powder room, Abunalee and Kenna talk about eliminating competition, noting Maladee and her glasses. Maladee overhears this and confronts them. They go to bed as the night comes.

Bulan sees a mail on their television, telling them to go to the studio. There they find that they will be shooting their promotional photos. Jessica compliments Maladee's eyes when Kenna interrupts and insults Maladee, still upset over the previous night. Maladee and Kenna fight but are interrupted by Ruzena screaming that there is mail. The mail says that a certain eight girls (Paris, Ruzena, Maladee, Jessica, Marissa, Raschel, Aylen, and Bulan) were to go through the blue door in their studio. the eight girls are later informed that they are all finalists and are safe from elimination.

The other 12 girls are given mail which instructs them to go through the red door. Behind this they find the elimination panel, where the three hosts are located. The girls are shocked to find the other eight girls standing on the safe zone. Miguel explains that that night would be elimination night, and he would call pairs of girls, one to be eliminated, and one to advance through the competition.

Bea Maike
Kirby Sierra
Sue Fawn
Abunalee Angiee
Kenna Priscilla
Minnie Caity

     The contestant advanced to the top 14.
     The contestant was eliminated and did not advance to the top 14.

Abunalee was furious about her elimination, walking out of the studio. As the last pair, Minnie and Caity, was called, the judges announced that a top 15 was to happen, and that both Minnie and Caity were saved.

Judges: Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, and Portia Lirni

The One with the Cut Edit

Part 1 Edit

Air date: October 27, 2016

The girls arrive at their new house by the beach in Miami, Florida. Like just next door. Luckily nobody noticed. Or were told not to. Who knows. Anyway, Ruzena becomes excited about being in the Top 15 while Paris talks about the new house. While they are all socializing, Aylen notices Kenna's alienation. It turns out that she is upset because Abunalee went home instead of Angiee in the previous week. She is also upset that Jessica is cooking their meal that night, leading to a clip of her failing at cooking, resorting to a microwave meal. Marissa tries to nap to avoid eating, while Fawn discusses how she has been involved in no drama. Basically, she just expressed how she doesn't get screentime. Caity calls back the girls for the mail that just got to their TV. It says "Who will get cut first? Who will dye?", and Raschel immediately realizes it means makeovers. Which it is.

They arrive at a salon which was once briefly referred to by Portia as "Portia's Cuts". The name was immediately disposed of as it sounded like a butcher's place. Miguel was also nowhere to be found. It was also revealed that the makeover promo photos will count as their challenge score that week.

Although most girls were happy with their changes, Aylen and Minnie cried about their drastic makeovers, the latter of which tricked Alenna into thinking that she was happy by agreeing with her nonsense comforting. Kirby was disappointed with the minor change, but still accepted it.

Later that night, the challenge scores were revealed, with Raschel, Bulan, and Kenna receiving perfect 10s, and Kirby receiving the lowest score of 6. Caity closes the episode with her mild anxiety of elimination, while brushing her teeth.

Part 2 Edit

Air date: November 27, 2016

The episode starts with an awkward panel beginning. The judges then get the common sense to play the intro.

After that, Miguel greets the girls, and receives an unequal response. The guest judge Joshua Comelio is then introduced, and greeted properly by the girls. This leads to a shady response from Joshua to Miguel. Alenna starts the judging with Aylen, Paris, and Fawn, with Aylen being criticized for looking blank, Paris for being fierce, and Fawn for looking short.

They then proceed to Angiee, Bea, and Marissa. Marissa gets mixed reviews and criticism on her aged look. Angiee, on the other hand, gets rave reviews from the judges. While Bea just got told she pretty much sucked on her face. Alenna throws some shade about Portia's plastic surgery, which then turned into a staring contest between Bea and Portia, with Paris interrupting to say hi.

Kenna, Maladee, and Minnie were dubbed as the worst group, all being disconnected, while Caity, Raschel, and Kirby were praised for their symmetrically casual photograph. However, Caity was lambasted for her bad photo, while Raschel was praised for her fierce (but maybe too fierce) face. Kirby just played too safe.

Lastly, Ruzena, Bulan, and Jessica received amazing remarks on their edgy group photo, but with the latter being criticized for her unapproachable look, and Bulan for her weird legs.

Backstage, Aylen expresses her worry to Bea about being eliminated, and they are both deemed weak to Kenna, who watches from the sidelines.

During elimination, The judges tell the girls about the "Fan Favorite" twist, which is when the girl with the highest social media score that week gets a +1 point in the finale, should she get in it. Angiee gets a surprising first callout, with Raschel and Bulan close behind. Bulan just doesn't care anymore and starts speaking in Tagalog. Miguel also turns out to be Filipino, and Bea ends being the translator for them, being Filipina herself. The other girls are called, while both Kenna and Maladee share the 11/12th callout due to having the same overall score. Fawn, called 5th, was proclaimed the fan favorite of the week. Aylen, Bea, and Caity end up in the bottom three, with the former of the three being called safe first. The latter two are called forward as the bottom two, Caity for not standing out and being deemed forgettable, and Bea for consistently failing. Bea is then deemed safe as her photo appears on the screen while Caity's disappears, signalling Caity's elimination. As the judges say their "final" goodbyes, Alenna tells Caity, as well as the other girls, about another twist. Each eliminated girl has a chance to be saved by the judges by participating in a sedcard/comp card shoot. Caity participates in this while Ruzena and Jessica have a conversation to steal screentime.

It is immediately revealed that Caity would not be saved from elimination, and she says her final goodbyes to the girls and the audience.

First Callout: Angiee Thompson
Fan Favorite: Fawn Jean
Bottom Two: Bea Kaligayahan and Caitlyn Blake
Eliminated: Caitlyn Blake
Sedcard Shoot Result: Not Saved
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, Portia Lirni, and Joshua Comelio

The One where Someone Makes a Friend Edit

Air Date: April 12, 2017

Kirby opens the episode by passing out in the middle of the night. Minnie rushes to her and calls an ambulance.

As the other girls wait up for Kirby, it is revealed that she has traces of Rett's Syndrome (who knows if that's possible, she says doctors are still confused), and she becomes cold to the other girls when she returns. Angiee also receives immunity via mail as a prize for her first callout in the previous episode. Fawn, Bea, and Aylen are talking when Aylen gets the fun idea to start a fight between the other two. This works, and the girls in the other room can clearly hear the argument, and they each take sides.

Jessica, Raschel, and Angiee sightsee around the city, when Jessica tries to convince the others to stop by a convenience store. She realizes that they have left without her when she turns around. Angiee and Raschel realize that they have lost Jessica at the same time. Jessica mishears the cameraman's instructions to call a taxi, and ends up embarrassing herself. Goddamnit Jessica.

Back at the house, Maladee forces Kirby into conversation, and Kirby lays out her frustration on to Minnie. Minnie cries, Maladee leaves, and Kenna (who was sitting nearby) is impressed by Kirby for some reason. Fawn and Bea continue fighting, when the mail comes.

Something finally happens in the episode after 10 minutes, and the girls are led to a studio. Thay are greeted by Miguel, who informs them of a launch party for Ice Cold Productions. The girls will be walking on a runway in the middle of the event. As they get styled, some girls get suspicious when no makeup stylists are to be found. Tia Kipps suddenly walks in and informs the girls that they will be doing their own makeup as a part of the challenge. Kirby confides in Kenna about her worries for the runway show.

Most of the girls do well on the runway show, except for Kirby, who held back in fear of falling again, Paris, who tripped at the end, and Maladee, who was criticized for her inappropriate makeup and bad walk. However, after the last girl (Kenna) left the runway, secret finalist Suki was introduced to the competition. Bea, Marissa, and Suki receive consistently good comments on their performances, but it was Bea who won the challenge and a spa day with two other contestants, as mentioned earlier in the episode.

Challenge Winner: Bea Kaligayahan

However, the judges shock the girls by having the second panel immediately. Bea, Fawn, Marissa, and Paris are praised for their stunning photos, however, Bulan, Minnie, and Angiee are castigated for their lackluster photos. While Aylen is being criticized for her photo, she interrupts the judges with her own contrasting opinion. The judges are disappointed in Maladee with her boring photo. At elimination, Fawn snatches both the first callout and the Fan Favorite title. Angiee evades from the bottom 2, but is informed that she had the lowest score, and was meant to be eliminated had it not been for her immunity. Bulan and Minnie land in the bottom two instead, and the latter is saved by half a point. Bulan is left to fight her way back in with a sedcard shoot, which is shot by Miguel.

Bulan is then revealed to have been saved, much to her bliss. The judges then announce that since they had already used the one "save" option they had if they ever disagreed with the scores, they would discontinue the scoring system. They also announce that they would be eliminating two girls on the spot, and call Aylen, Maladee, and Minnie forward as the bottom three for having the weakest overall performance: Aylen for wasting her potential and for having a bad attitude, Maladee for consistently disappointing with mediocre performances despite being an all star, and Minnie for her failure to stand out and her overly sensitive demeanor. Maladee is warned to do better next week, while Aylen and Minnie leave the competition as its two newest eliminees.

First Callout: Fawn Jean
Fan Favorite: Fawn Jean
Bottom Two: Bulan Rossi and Minnie Ward
Eliminated: Bulan Rossi
Sedcard Shoot Result: Saved
Bottom Three: Aylen Melilan, Maladee Chankul, and Minnie Ward
Eliminated: Aylen Melilan and Minnie Ward
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, Portia Lirni, and Tia Kipps

The One with all the Blaming Edit

Air date: May 12, 2017

Early in the morning, Suki walks in the house with her brand new makeover, frightening Angiee who was downstairs awake making breakfast for all the girls.

Bea, Bulan, and Kirby return from their spa day, meeting with Fawn, Jessica, Ruzena, and Suki. Bea makes a sarcastic comment about them helping Suki remember their names, and Fawn walks out after thinking the joke was offensive. Later that morning, Kenna inquires Kirby on being nice, and Kirby makes a deal with her- she will teach Kenna ways on becoming kinder, while Kenna has to make friends with Maladee by the end of the week.

For the challenge, the girls are led to Martell Park, where they will be having a 15-second shoot with Portia, showcasing their personality and style. A number of girls are castigated during their shoots for not showing enough variety, most especially Fawn, who became slightly annoyed with the comments she had received. Jessica, Paris, and Ruzena are criticized for their bad photos, while Bea, Maladee, and Suki are praised for delivering stellar photos. However, it is Suki who won the challenge for her fun style and consistently good film, much to the shock of all the girls.

Challenge Winner: Suki Tokugawa

As the girls return home, Suki receives her prize- a rack of free clothing, shoes, and a bag. Slight jealousy arises among the other girls. Paris temporarily zones out from a conversation with Bulan and Marissa, leading to the worry of the latter two. It turns out that Paris misses her family, but doesn't have a phone to call them. Bulan offers Paris her phone, and Paris calls her father. Upstairs, Angiee is fixing the laptop that the other girls somehow broke. Suki arrives to ask for her help fixing the broken TV. It turns out that the TV wasn't broken, and Ruzena and Suki just wanted Angiee to play Monopoly with them.

The next day, a nearly blind Maladee is found by Fawn looking for her contacts in the living room. Fawn then sees the mail that arrived two hours ago, leading to the panic of all the girls. Miguel passive-aggressively waits at the photoshoot venue, reducing all the girls' times as a punishment for their tardiness. However, as a prize for her first callout the previous week, Fawn is not affected by the time reduction. At the shoot, Fawn again receives comments for not giving variety, adding to her irritation. Angiee loses focus, but quickly regains it after a pep talk from Miguel. Fawn loudly complains about Maladee during the latter's shoot, much to the annoyance of the other girls.

The night after the photoshoot, Kenna gives in to her end of the deal, and attempts to make friends with Maladee. However, she fails horribly, and blames Kirby. The elimination mail arrives, and the girls are all worried as they all have no idea what to expect.

At panel, Angiee is praised for her stellar photo, but is warned by Portia to grow tougher skin. Bea and Fawn take a fall from last week's performance, and Fawn is criticized for being unprofessional and openly talking about Maladee within hearing range of Miguel. Jessica and Suki receive rave comments from the judges, while Kenna and Kirby leave the judges split on their photos. Bulan, Paris, and Ruzena are all warned to not continue with safe performances, with emphasis on Ruzena's lackluster performance. At elimination, Angiee once again receives a surprising first callout, also snatching the Fan Favorite tile, with Suki and Jessica following closely after, in order. Jessica also receives the Fan Favorite title after tying with Angiee in the social media votes. Bea, Bulan, Fawn, and Ruzena land in the bottom four, with Bea and Fawn being called safe and being warned to have consistency. Bulan and Ruzena land in the bottom two, and Bulan barely escapes elimination once again as Ruzena is eliminated for not standing out.

First Callout: Angiee Thompson
Fan Favorite: Angiee Thompson and Jessica Longstale
Bottom Two: Bulan Rossi and Ruzena Cselav
Eliminated: Ruzena Cselav
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, Portia Lirni, and Jane Tillman

The One with the Apology Edit

Air date: August 30, 2017

Angiee and Suki talk about their high placements in the callout last week, but Angiee feels less enthusiastic about her first callout. Suki recognizes Ruzena's elimination, but she doesn't know how to feel about it. Meanwhile, Fawn and Raschel talk about their low placements in the callout, especially with them being all stars. Raschel seems fine about her lower rank.

Jessica calls for the girls while she is practicing her walk as mail arrives. They are instructed to go to their backyard, where they find Miguel in front of a large pink backdrop and a video camera. The girls are greeted by Miguel and are first told to form four groups of three. It is announced that they would be advertising products, which seems vague until Angiee is called forward to have a look at the items. She shocks everyone by telling them they would be advertising men's products. Miguel then tells the girls that the girls in the same team would be advertising the same product, and that Angiee would just be advertising foundation as a reward for her first callout the previous week. Bulan and Maladee struggle, while Kirby and Suki stand out as professionals. Angiee's anxiety gets the best of her as she stops in the middle of her infomercial. In the end, Kirby is crowned the challenge winner for being the most friendly and for having the best spoken lines.

Group Product Winner
Bea, Bulan, & Marissa Men's Deodorant Marissa
Fawn, Paris, & Raschel Hair Gel Raschel
Jessica & Suki Men's Cologne Suki
Kirby, Kenna, & Maladee Body Spray Kirby
Angiee Foundation N/A

Challenge Winner: Kirby Reed

The next day, Bulan, Maladee, and Marissa discuss practicing together to improve themselves overall, but Marissa secretly thinks the plan is ridiculous. Fawn enters the room to apologize to Maladee for talking about her at the challenge. Maladee reluctantly accepts the apology, and an awkward silence occurs. Fawn, in reality, is actually waiting for Maladee to apologize for making them late at the photoshoot in the first place. Maladee refuses to apologize for something she did not do, and Fawn angrily starts to walk away. Maladee throws shade at Fawn for her low placement despite having more time at the shoot, and Fawn retaliates by calling Maladee a bully. Kenna and Kirby listen nearby and are both annoyed at the constant yelling. Kenna accidentally tells Fawn to shut up, and gets dragged in the fight as well while Kirby watches from a safe distance. Later, Suki joins Kirby silently observing the fight. Kenna tells Fawn to quit fighting with everyone as she just pulls the whole group down, while Fawn insults Kenna's fanbase and performance. Raschel tries to stop the fight in vain but gets dragged in anyway. Fawn ends the fight angrily by calling everyone fake.

After the fight, the girls are led to a small studio where they are greeted by Alenna, who introduces photographer Chloe Ruiz. They are paired up for a simple, sexy swimwear shoot. All the girls are happy with the partners they are given, with the exception of Fawn and Maladee. Their disdain for each other shows in their performance at the shoot. Bea and Kenna are given constant praise during the shoot, while Raschel is repeatedly told to keep up with Marissa. This continues at panel where Raschel is asked about her drive in the competition, to which Raschel responds with an unsure answer. Bulan is praised for her photo but Kirby is castigated for becoming a prop. Bea and Kenna's photo is nitpicked for its minor flaws, while the other pairs' photos are deemed mediocre. Bulan snags best photo and the fan favorite title at elimination, while Angiee, Bea, and Kenna folow after her. Suki drop to the bottom six, while Jessica nearly escapes the bottom two. Kirby and Raschel are asked to step forward as the two worst girls for opposite reasons: Kirby for having less modelling skill but more passion, and Raschel for having more modelling skill but less passion. Right before the final result is announced, Raschel decides to tell the judges that she would be willing to give her spot to Kirby should she be saved, shocking everyone else in the room. However, this gesture is deemed invalid as both girls were meant to be eliminated anyway. Kirby and Raschel say their final goodbyes as they leave the room and the competition.

First Callout: Bulan Rossi
Fan Favorite: Bulan Rossi
Bottom Two: Kirby Reed and Raschel Franko
Eliminated: Kirby Reed and Raschel Franko
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Alenna Olpey, Portia Lirni, & Nguyễn Yến Nhi

The One where Everything is New Edit

Air Date: January 28, 2018

The girls return to their home shocked to find that all their furniture has gone missing. A mail arrives on the TV, which remains as the only thing left in their living room, informing them that they would be travelling to New York, surprising the girls.

As soon as the girls arrive in New York, they are met by the judges who inform them that two girls would be going home by the end of the week, and that they would be having second makeovers. Most of the girls are happy with their makeovers, with the exception of Maladee who is unsure about her bowl cut. The girls proceed to their townhouse where they stay the night. Bulan gets to stay in her own suite as a prize for receiving first callout the week before.

The next morning, they proceed to Central Park where they are greeted by Portia Lirni and Maybelline New York representative Alexandra Ward, who informs them that they would be shooting mock campaigns for Maybelline's Vivid Matte Line in the shades Possessed Plum, Rebel Red, Scarlet Red, and Violet Pink. Most of the girls have trouble wth finding their light, but Marissa has it worst when her eyes start tearing up whenever she looks up.

Model Assigned Color
Angiee Scarlet Red
Aylen Rebel Red
Bea Violet Pink
Bulan Rebel Red
Caitlyn Possessed Plum
Fawn Scarlet Red
Jessica Possessed Plum
Kenna Violet Pink
Maladee Rebel Red
Marissa Possessed Plum
Paris Violet Pink
Ruzena Scarlet Red
Suki Possessed Plum

At panel, Marissa is criticized for her inconsistency during the shoot, but is praised for her stellar photo, which was one of her last frames. Bea, Bulan, Jessica and Paris also receive praise, the first of which later receiving first callout. Fawn, Kenna, and Maladee, on the other hand, land in the bottom three, Fawn for not keeping up after her stellar past performance, Kenna for never giving variety and being boring, and Maladee for having the worst shot of the week. Maladee is first announced to be eliminated, then Kenna is saved, ultimately eliminating Fawn.

However, just when the top eight celebrate their survival, the judges bring in three previously eliminated models for a chance to return to the competition: Aylen, Caitlyn, and Ruzena, much to the shock of the other girls. The three are judged on their walks, which they all excel at, and their Maybelline mock campaigns, which they took secretly when the other girls went home. They are all praised for their stunning photos, but Aylen ultimately wins the comeback, securing her spot in the top nine, who are told that they would be travelling to Indonesia the following week. Caitlyn and Ruzena are sent backstage, where to their surprise, they are greeted by Alenna Olpey, who was absent during the judging panel. She tells Caitlyn and Ruzena that they would be able to travel to Indonesia secretly, where they would participate in the challenge and photoshoot. By the end of the week, only one of them will rejoin the actual competition, a decision which will be decided by the social media in a poll.

First Callout: Bea Kaligayahan
Fan Favorite: Bea Kaligayahan
Bottom Three: Fawn Jean, Kenna Haylers, and Maladee Chankul
Eliminated: Maladee Chankul and Fawn Jean
Returned: Aylen Melilan
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Portia Lirni, & Alexandra Ward

The One that Changed the Game Edit

Air Date: May 24, 2018

The girls arrive in Indonesia and are immediately thrown into their next challenge: go-sees. They are grouped into trios and are expectd to visit four designers who are booking models to walk in their shows at New York Fashion Week. Angiee loses consciousness in the middle of the challenge after getting very little rest recently. Meanwhile, the second comeback nominees Caitlyn and Ruzena are also allowed to join the challenge.

Model Designers








Angiee -
Bulan -
Caitlyn -
Marissa -
Ruzena -

For booking all four designers, Suki won the challenge.

Challenge Winner: Suki Tokugawa

They are led to their photoshoot whre they would be posing in the air wearing long, red, flowy dresses. Bea has a meltdown after her shoot, claiming it reminded her of traumatic memories. Caitlyn and Ruzena follow suit after the rest of the girls go home.

At the house, Suki and Jessica cook food for everyone while they sleep, while Bulan and Marissa get stuck on the roof. Caitlyn and Ruzena enjoy their time together in their private resort swimming and eating hotdogs, while also discussing the competition.

At panel, Ruzena returns to the competition after getting significantly more votes in the poll, despite her photo being depicted worse than Caitlyn's. She receives lukewarm comments from the judges, along with Angiee, Bea and Kenna. Angiee's passion is questioned by the judges after mentioning she has considered quitting. Jessica's photo is a disappointment to the judges, and in the end they both land in the bottom two. The episode ends in a cliffhanger as Angiee and Jessica's fates are left unknown.

First Callout: Marissa DeVue and Suki Tokugawa
Fan Favorite: Angiee Thompson
Bottom Two: Angiee Thompson and Jessica Longstale
Returned: Ruzena Cselav
Judges: Miguel Atoma, Portia Lirni, and Alenna Olpey

Makeover GuideEdit

The girls received makeovers in Episode 2, but were then given re-makeovers in Episode 6.

Contestant Before After (Episode 2) After (Episode 6)
Angiee Pink, straight, and long Brown bob with light tips Lightened, grown out to shoulder length
Aylen Very long, straight, black Shoulder-length brown Grown out to boob length
Bea Short, gray Long, red, and wavy Trimmed, strawberry blonde
Bulan Kinky, brown Long, straight, black Shoulder length
Caitlyn Reddish, shoulder length Long, brown ombre with bangs Bangs grown out
Fawn Long, ginger red with bangs Short platinum blonde Removable extensions, golden blonde
Jessica Brown, long and straight Longer, dark brown, wavy Darker, Extensions taken out
Kenna Long yellow blonde with bangs Platinum blonde, bangs removed White, volumized
Kirby Long, brown and straight Restyled hair and reshaped brows N/A
Maladee Long, black, straight, glasses Contacts, shoulder length brown Bowl cut
Marissa Blonde and wavy Straight dark brown Darker, bangs
Minnie Medium length brown Blonde pixie cut N/A
Paris Kinky pink, short Short, straight, black Shorter sides
Raschel Long, gray Straight, long dark brown N/A
Ruzena Wavy ginger red Straight platinum blonde Bangs

Callout Order Edit

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Angiee Fawn


Angiee Bulan Bea


2 Raschel Bea Suki Angiee Paris
3 Bulan Marissa Jessica Maladee Jessica Aylen
4 Ruzena Paris Maladee Kenna Bulan Paris
5 Fawn Raschel Kenna Bea Marissa Bulan
6 Paris Ruzena Marissa Paris Angiee Ruzena
7 Marissa Kirby Paris Suki Suki Bea
8 Kirby Kenna Raschel Fawn Kenna Kenna
9 Bea Jessica Jessica Kirby Marissa Fawn


10 Kirby Minnie Aylen Fawn Jessica Maladee
11 Fawn


Maladee Bea


12 Angiee Angiee Bulan
13 Kenna Aylen Minnie Maladee Ruzena
14 Caitlyn Bea Bulan


15 Minnie Caitlyn

     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant won the reward challenge.
     The contestant won Fan Favorite of the week.
     The contestant was immune from elimination.
     The contestant was singled out, and told that she was saved from elimination that week.
     The contestant was originally eliminated, but was saved.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.

  • Episode 1's callout is based on the order they were called forward and saved. This has no effect on their performance that week. Additionally, Aylen, Bulan, Jessica, Maladee, Marissa, Paris, Raschel, and Ruzena were singled out by the judges and were later told that they were automatically finalists and part of the official cast. Later that same episode, Caity and Minnie were called forward to have one girl eliminated, but were told that they were both safe and part of the official cast.
  • In Episode 2, Kenna and Maladee shared 11th/12th callout due to having the same overall score of 38.
  • In Episode 3, Angiee received immunity for receiving the first callout in Episode 2, which is what saved her later in the episode, as she was revealed to have had the lowest score. Also, Suki was not included in the callout order as she had no photo to show. Later that same episode, the "save" option was used on Bulan. Furthermore, the judges gave an instant elimination to Aylen and Minnie for being the weakest overall.
  • In Episode 5, a double elimination without prior warning occurred. Kirby also won the reward challenge.
  • In Episode 6, Maladee was first announced to have been eliminated, then Kenna was saved, leaving Fawn in 9th place. Aylen also returned in this episode.
  • In Episode 7, Marissa and Suki shared a joint first callout. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with a bottom two of Angiee and Jessica.

Fan Favorite Tally Edit

Contestant Episodes Total Tally
2 3 4 5 6 7
Angiee 0 0 1 0 0 1 2
Aylen 0 0 0 0
Bea 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Bulan 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Jessica 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Kenna 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Marissa 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Paris 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ruzena 0 0 0 0
Suki 0 0 0 0 0
Fawn 1 1 0 0 0 2
Maladee 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kirby 0 0 0 0 0
Raschel 0 0 0 0 0
Minnie 0 0 0
Caitlyn 0 0

     The contestant won Fan Favorite of the Week.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.
     This indicates the total number of times the contestant has won Fan Favorite, and how many points should be added to her finale score, should she get in.
     The contestant's total tally of points do not matter as she has already been eliminated from the competition.

  • In Episode 4, Angiee and Jessica tied in the votes, leading to them both being crowned the Fan Favorite of the week.

Performance Edit

Points Edit

This cycle followed the point system in deciding the callout orders for each week. However, in Episode 3, the judges discontinued the scoring system.

Place Contestant Episodes Total Points Average Points
2 3
N/A Angiee 48 22 70 35
N/A Aylen 34 28 62 31
N/A Bea 31 37 68 34
N/A Bulan 46.5 26.5 73 36.5
N/A Jessica 39.5 28.5 68 34
N/A Kenna 38 29 65 33.5
N/A Marissa 41 36 77 38.5
N/A Paris 41.5 34.5 76 38
N/A Ruzena 46 32 78 39
N/A Suki
11 Fawn 43 40 83 41.5
12 Maladee 38 27.5 65.5 32.75
13/14 Kirby 40 31 71 35.5
Raschel 47 32.5 79.5 39.75
15 Minnie 39 27 66 33
16 Caitlyn 28 28 28

     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant had the highest score that week.
     The contestant was originally eliminated, but was saved.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.

  • Despite having the lowest score in Episode 3, Angiee was called just before the bottom two because she had received immunity that week.

Performance Edit

Contestant Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

     (WIN) The contestant won first callout.
     (HIGH) The contestant was among the best of that week, but she did not receive first callout.
     (SAFE) The contestant was neither among the best nor worst of that week.
     (LOW) The contestant was among the worst of that week, but she did not land in the bottom 2, bottom 3, or get eliminated.
     (BTM2/BTM3)The contestant was in bottom 2 or bottom 3 that week. (SAVED) The contestant was set to be eliminated, but was saved.
     (ADV) The contestant advanced in the competition.
     (IN) The contestant returned to the competition.
     (PEND) The contestant's status in the competition is still unknown, or is pending.
     (ELIM) The contestant was eliminated from the competition.

Photoshoot Guide Edit

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Episode 4: 15-Second Style, Futuristic Stories
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